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15:00 Brazil vs. Chile (01)
17:00 Georgia vs. Germany (02)
17:00 Nothern Ireland vs. Finland (03)
17:00 Scotland vs. Gibraltar (04)
19:45 France vs. Denmark (05)
19:45 Ireland vs. Poland (06)
19:45 Portugal vs. Serbia (07)

17:30 NBA Houston Rockets vs Washington Wizards (10)
17:30 NBA Houston Rockets vs Washington Wizards (11)
20:30 NBA Los Angeles Lakers vs Brooklyn Nets (12)
21:00 NBA Minnesota Timberwolves vs New Orleans Pelicans (13)
21:30 NBA Philadelphia 76ers vs Cleveland Cavaliers (14)
23:00 NBA Los Angeles Clippers vs Boston Celtics (01)
23:00 NBA Detroit Pistons vs Miami Heat (02)
00:00 NBA Dallas Mavericks vs Indiana Pacers (03)
00:00 NBA Memphis Grizzlies vs San Antonio Spurs (04)
00:00 WWE Wrestlemania 31 (05)
00:00 WWE Wrestlemania 31 (06)
02:00 NBA Oklahoma City Thunder vs Phoenix Suns (07)